WooCommerce Shortcodes

WooCommerce is by far the most popular online shopping platform available on the web. The WooCommerce shop software, very easily integrates with a WordPress site. The WooCommerce shop software doubles as a very effective CRM (Customer Relation Management), it very seamlessly connects with a WordPress based website and collects all the data, and information needed for a transaction.

Most of the process is automated which means that the WooCommerce CRM does all the work that’s needed on behalf of the webmaster and provides all the requirements. The WooCommerce shop software is very versatile, highly customizable and easily adapts to any environment. WooCommerce CRM provides a solution for; selling things online, inventory management, and tax calculations.

The WooCommerce shop software features a wide array of extensions, made to suit the diverse needs of their client base. The WooCommerce CRM coupled with a variety of different themes, and plugins, makes for the perfect online shopping, e-commerce solution. Downloaded over 10 million times, the WooCommerce shop software is used by more than 30% of all the online stores working on the web.

The WooCommerce CRM gives complete control, over to the shop owner to make the most out of their online stores. WooCommerce shop software features a very beautiful, minimalistic theme, which is very visually appealing. The WooCommerce shop software can be used to sell a wide variety of goods, both –digital and physical. The WooCommerce CRM is used all around the globe from Asia to America, and Australia to Africa –including many more regions.

The WooCommerce CRM also allows integration with many leading payment gateways, covering all possibilities from credit card payments to PayPal payments, it also offers a personalized extension service for any specific payment gateway. It also offers a bundled shipping service option, for both free and flat-rate shipping. The WooCommerce shop software is highly customizable and allows for configuration of each of its settings according to the client’s requirements.

The WooCommerce CRM, works with shortcodes to provide their customers with the most quick, efficient and easiest, customization options. Since, the WooCommerce CRM is entirely open-source, it can be edited to a great extent according to the user’s needs. Many different WooCommerce shortcodes result in different kinds of actions. WooCommerce shortcodes can be implemented with the help of many different “editor” plugins which are available on the WordPress store.

The WooCommerce shortcodes are mainly used to add or remove, content from specific pages and posts. This allows for easy updates on the listed products and the pages upon which they’re listed. WooCommerece shortcodes play a very crucial rolein the timely maintenance of the online shop. These WooCommerce shortcodes, perform a great number of actions. Namely; updating current products, listing new products, displaying product categories, catalog visibility, and many similar actions.

WooCommerce shortcodes and WooCommerce shop software is an easy to use, and highly customizable online shopping solutions for merchants, both –large and small sized. Most of the personalization and customization is only possible by virtue of the WooCommerce shortcodes. A good chunk of WooCommerce’s popularity comes from it being a free software, and due to its allowance for extensive customization.

The WooCommerce CRM is a limitlessly flexible solution for online stores. Both, the developers and store owners can have complete control over their store by using the WooCommerce shortcodes, which can greatly aid them in adding, removing, or updating; various fields, categories, posts, pages, products, etc. The WooCommerce shop software can be coupled with a WooCommerce CRM, that best suits the store owner’s requirements, and this bundle can be run very easily by making use of the WooCommerce shortcodes.

A good number of WooCommerce CRMs are available in the market, bothfree and premium. These CRMs mainly feature; Customer Analytics, Bulk Email Services, Organized Customer Data, Revenues, Product Performance, and many similar things. The main purpose of WooCommerce shortcodes is to add/remove or update content into posts or pages on the online store –without leaving the WordPress editor.

Many plugins are also available in the WordPress store, which help in the use of shortcodes. Some plugins provide preset values which can then be altered to add custom values and then implemented, all incorporated in a visually appealing design. Most WooCommerce shortcodes follow the same basic pattern of:

[woocommerce_xxx], meaning that most of them start with “woo commerce” followed by a dash and the specific field “xxx” needing to be altered, all enclosed inside brackets.

WooCommerce shortcodes are different from regular strings of codes and should be treating accordingly. If any WooCommerce shortcodes are implemented as regular codes, they will not be executed. There are a great many WooCommerce shortcodes included in the WooCommerce shop software, which are intended to benefit the user in the end. Some of the many shortcodes also allow to pass arguments, some of the main WooCommerce shortcodes are enlisted below:

WooCommerce Shortcodes

•Products on Sale
This WooCommerce shortcode displays, only those products which are on sale.

[sale_products] – This shortcode accepts, 4 arguments: per­_page, columns, orderby, order.

  • Checkout Process
    This WooCommerce shortcode is used on the checkout page and shows the whole checkout process.[woocommerce_checkout]– This shortcode allows no arguments.• Shopping Cart
    This WooCommerce shortcode shows the shopping cart page/interface, along with the contents of the cart and fields for coupons and other similar stuff.[woocommerce_cart] – This shortcode allows no arguments.
  • My account page
    By using this shortcode the user can view the current account details, and ways on how to further modify it.[woocommerce_my_account] – Like many other WooCommerce shortcodes, this one accepts arguments as well. The argument is how many orders per page can be viewed.
  • Best Selling Products
    Many WooCommerce shortcodes revolve around products, and their pages. Similarly, this shortcode enables the user to see a list of all the best-selling products and edit it accordingly.

[best_selling_products] –This shortcode also allows an argument: per_page, meaning that how many items to display per page.


WooCommerce Shortcodes greatly help in optimizing the functionality of the online store. These WooCommerce shortcodes typically work best when coupled with a plugin, many such plugins are freely available on the web.